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DanielSeedy (09.07.2020 07:24:14)

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ZacharyBef (09.07.2020 03:52:15)
Rokocoko expects to reach new heights in world cup qualification, and will need to play very well in the final for him to go far with Belgium at the top of their World Cup team.


Rokocoko, 23, is set to compete in the World Cup on loan from Racing Metro. He won a solitary cap for Racing Metro in 2013/14, but struggled in 2015/16, making just 27 starts and finishing with just eight goals. But the Belgian international was given an option to play in the Europa League under new coach Luciano Spalletti, and will provide competition for the likes of Paul Pogba and Leroy Sane at club level.


Rokocoko won his first cap for FC Groningen in 2014/15, and made 26 appearances last season, scoring three times. The 25-year-old joined the Dutch side in July 2013, but has not played in a professional game.

The Netherlands will also be without Matija Nastasic (suspension), and Nemanja Matic (suspension) as they compete for the title in Russia.
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Crispin critical of govt in farwell speech: "we don't want foreign help. We want support, we want assistance and we want the right people on board, no one above us in the hierarchy".

A senior intelligence official described the visit as a "good chance to understand the US view of Pakistan".

The visit will focus on "the US position on the Afghanistan conflict", the officials said, while at the same time the US "examines how we would approach Pakistan if we saw a similar conflict".

It will also discuss efforts to develop dialogue, the officials said.
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10 Celebrities Who Should Consider a Career in k

ZacharyBef (09.07.2020 02:39:33)
Harrison stands down from nsw stormers clash on St Andrew's Court

AUSTRALIA's biggest city and sporting capital, Sydney, has become embroiled in a dispute with NRL chief executive Andrew Demetriou over how it should handle thousands of illegal protesters on St Andrew's Court.

The decision by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to invite some 50 NSW NRL players to take part in two-hour protest rallies across the country has become a flashpoint in a tense public relations fight over who is in charge of security for the games.

A spokesman for Demetriou declined to comment. NSW police declined to confirm its officers were guarding the park, which is owned by NRL, but said more than 250 officers were in attendance for the national weekend games.

In the lead-up to the football game against the Sydney Roosters, NSW police held a joint press conference to deny the league had sent any police in uniform to protect the protest rallies.
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Stanthorpe over the moon about asteroid honour. I had to check in at 6.30am and there wasn't enough to go round. When the bus arrived, we arrived at the museum at 1.30pm and went to lunch then the museum, the staff were great, it's lovely there's all this nice stuff. My wife who works there and I are visiting New Zealand for the first time. I was there the weekend before, there was a lot of excitement and it wasn't just a day out.

Q: You're known to have a lot of passion for space?

A: Absolutely.

Q: But do you think it will be enough of a jump?

A: I hope so because I don't think it's just a day out. It's part of the week.

Q: How close are you to launching your spacecraft?

A: The main thing is getting it into the correct place so that it can be launched in the right spot, so I'm just working day and night with a team of engineers who have worked on the spacecraft for 15 years.

Q: Do you like being on a rocket?

A: I love it, I love getting on a rocket and flying. I've gone to four NASA locations in the last six months (Mars) to go over the various concepts so I've got good contacts with other countries.

Q: What's going to be important when it comes to putting it into space?

A: I'm looking at some really exciting destinations, I've got contacts in France with companies I think are making the rocket engines and also India (I have a lot of contacts in the aerospace industry), South Africa (which is huge, just look at the size of their economy). They're all looking to develop these technologies and the challenge then is getting there.

Q: Where do you see yourself five or 10 years down the line?

A: In 40 years time I'd like to be like our Sir John Spilman. He was really cool, he had great ideas and his dream was a space mission, but he couldn't get it to happen.

Q: So you want to go there?

A: A long, long way.

Q: Would you like to be there in 40 years?

A: My answer is absolutely, yes, I'd like to go there but I don't know how far you've got to get there and the technology is changing so I have an amazing opportunity.
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управление репутацией

BobbyFloni (09.07.2020 01:48:59)
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